Mike Littlefield

Harder & Steenbeck Airbrush

Precision German Airbrush


20x28 Airbrush painting of cougar that was also photographed by me.  Airbrushed with the Infinity 2 in 1

The original painting was created by Jürek Zamoyski,  He published a step by step of this picture and I painted it from there.  Infinity 2 in 1 airbrush. 20x28

The background horses I photographed in Brazil and the main horse is from the movie Tangled.  I used the Evolution 2 in 1 to paint this. 20x28

I want to give a special thanks to  Jürek Zamoyski, for all his help and training to head me in the right direction.

                     Painted at the Airbrush Action Getaway in Orlando Florida with instructor Javier Soto and Troy Pierce  Infinity airbrush


                                          Painted with Infinity airbrush                                                            Pin-up painted with Infinity airbrush  20x30


         Tiger painted with the Infinity Two in One airbrush 20x30